Parking system in the upper parking lot - Shaarei Tzfat Mall

About the project:

The parking lot of the mall owners includes 40 parking spaces that are usually reserved for the mall’s subscribers and employees. The area has no parking spaces and the density is high because it is a central location with many banks and writers and shops in Safed.

the project’s target:

To enable access to the upper parking lot for subscribers by means of a license identification system that monitors the entry and exit routes with two high-speed barriers and to provide access through ONE PARKING’s web interface, enabling businesses in the complex with access to the system to enter guests and to resolve occasional payments on the exit.

Technology, implementation and solution in the project:

The solution offered to the customer is the use of an identification camera for license plates, issuing tickets at the entrance to the parking lot, and a credit card exit at the exit of the parking lot. The servers and the WEB system were installed to manage subscribers,

Result and financial savings:

After years without parking in the complex – there is always parking in the parking lot

The parking system that was installed in the parking lot requires credit, occasionally entering the store and some even receive virtual discounts for free entry and exit.

Return on investment (ROI):

The return on our investment is 60 business days. A system that provides a good solution for the business owners in the complex. All the subscribers are registered on the system and are charged on a monthly basis. The surfers who do not receive virtual benefits pay by credit card for the parking and will also pay via the Pango and Slopark applications.

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