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    One PARKING changes the field of parking systems and leads the way in creating modular systems that allow maximum adaptation to customer needs, wide interface to almost any system and / or interface, all with the most advanced technology available today in the world of traffic in general and parking in particular.


    Advanced parking solutions

    In ONE we focus on optimizing the system and user friendliness, we took into account the operator simplest and director most complex and we put it all together – this configuration we were able to connect worlds that did not exist until now, the management systems of our so smart so that management is fully automated, almost untouched by human hands – this saves time and money from administrators and your business performance improved significantly since the system installation with garage parking barrier both cash flow to car park management in perfect order.

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    web parking management

    Management parking control system

    Our web based management software
    You can access the parking system directly from your web browser, whether it is on a mobile device or any computer. This is a huge advantage because it does not require you to perform any installation on a workstation that you are currently in.

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