IRS LPR Identification

License Plate Recognition System IRS Ashkelon

About the project:

The IRS Parking Lot in Ashkelon is designed to supervise the entrance and exit of the parking lot and to allow only the vehicles of the IRS and National Insurance employees to park in this parking lot, while also constantly checking unauthorized entry attempts by the security staff,

the project’s target:

Until the control system and the identification cameras were installed, the work was done via the intercom, and without knowing which vehicle they were opening, people who were not happy to park in the parking lot were also parked, and the IRS people had no place in the parking lot. Rotation without damaging system equipment.

Technology, implementation and solution in the project:

license plates camera have been installed, which are actually unique cameras that are suitable for identifying license plates and installed in this project because of the rotation that unskilled drivers will not damage the identification camera. All the control and computer equipment was installed safely and the guards observe and supervise in real time the vehicles coming in and out of the parking lot Updating the vehicle numbers that have been changed to employees. The Elka barrier is equipped with a quick counting capability, in case a number of vehicles arrive, one after the other – the control system enables the entry of all identified vehicles.

Result and financial savings:

A perfect solution for identification without causing damage to the equipment – the camera is actually installed on the checkpoint that eventually returned the parking to employees and thus parked unknown vehicles in the parking lots.

Return on investment (ROI):

The return of the investment from our point of view was estimated in 10 business days when the considerations of a security guard who took care of the parking lot were taken into account. In addition, maintenance personnel and the father of the house had to spend many hours managing the vehicles manually using outdated methods that took a long time.

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