The Dead Sea Mall, located in one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, which hosts over 2 million visitors from abroad per year. The mall’s construction is part of a large-scale development of the Dead Sea coastal strip, with government investment led by the Ministry of Tourism and the Dead Sea Protection Company – as an operating entity, at a cost A total that is estimated to reach NIS 1 billion.

The decision to execute the project was made in February 2012, when it was decided to invest NIS 850 million in the reconstruction of the area. The Ministry of Tourism expects that the development and construction of a variety of attractions and entertainment outside the hotels will increase the flow of tourists visiting the Dead Sea.

According to the plan, the tourism complex whose establishment will be spread over the next ten years will be one of the world’s leading, attracting new investors to the hotel to build hotels, other tourist attractions, restaurants and places of entertainment. The complex will include an additional 3,500 hotel rooms (as part of new hotels to be built or as part of existing ones), increasing competition and lowering accommodation prices in the area. At the same time, the move will create tens of thousands of new jobs.

As part of the development plan, a new boardwalk is being built in the Ein Bokek area and a process of restoration and renovation of the beaches is being carried out through the Dead Sea Protection Society. The company is already working to raise the coastal embankment in the area where there was a danger of rising water levels and flooding the hotels.

The new mall is set up by international real estate firm Bercleys, which is owned by a group of UK-based Jewish investors led by Motti Green. The company also invests in tourist areas in Eilat, where it recently acquired the City of Kings and Imax, and is currently working on developing more tourist sites in the south.

“The mall will be the first in the country to give tourists from overseas VAT refunds from shopping at the mall even after the shopping,” explains Bargalis representative Hagai Adoram. “This tax money will remain in the country, will be used for local consumption ‘blue and white’ and will increase more More the shopping cycles. Inside the mall, there will be a dedicated tax refund stand (TAX REFUND) that tourists can access immediately after making purchases at the mall and receiving the tax refund to which they are entitled to cash instead. “

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