Caesar Premier Hotel Jerusalem

Underground parking Caesar Hotel - Jerusalem

About the project:

A parking area of ​​110 parking spaces that provides services to casual customers and parking lot subscribers, including Channel 10, the Jerusalem Recruiting Office, the Clalit HMO and providing answers to shops and businesses in the vicinity of the parking lot.

the project’s target:

The work in this car park was carried out with manual receipts issued by a guard in the car park that treated the parking lot and allowed entry and exit from the parking lot. The parking lot was without any control except for closed circuit cameras. The parking lot’s profits were very low and there was no control over subscribers that were managed by notes that were lost and the guard was releasing cars that had to pay without any information. And therefore required a secure parking control system that can be viewed remotely and in real time in the parking system and to see what the financial situation is and whether there is “exceptional openness” by the guard, better response to subscribers and control of subscribers, occasional management by an hourly tariff and price, Payment of credit that did not exist and because it did not exist actually caused a decrease in income of the parking lot.

Technology, implementation and solution in the project:

In this project, infrastructure was implemented for entry and exit traffic arrangements, including the construction of a traffic island of 4 meters by 40 cm (a very narrow entry and exit key). In addition, one entry point and one exit station were installed, each lane was provided with high-speed barriers and a server was installed with a management position in the control room, A manual payment machines with a touchscreen and ONE PARKING management software was provided with payment option on credit and cash.

Result and financial savings:

The parking lot’s profits were significantly increased by 35% due to proper control over the employee, every financial movement recorded in the fund, each casualty takes a parking card and the rated parking time significantly increased revenues, control subscribers and block unsubscribed subscribers, manage Z reports and X Watchman on duty report. Better work in the parking lot and savings of a night worker in the automated work of the system and exit of credit at the departure point.

Return on investment (ROI):

The system that was installed in relation to a significant increase of more than 45% in profits and the reduction of night workers and embezzlement of funds or lack of attention to those who were required to pay but left for free and increase the number of subscribers 2.5 times the amount without the control system – only this efficiency brings back the system installed within 65 business days , Today the parking lot is managed optimally with a control system that reports in real time to the owners of the parking lot and alerts in real time any deviation from the employee through exceptional reports and gate openings.

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