Ben Shemen parking lot

Ben Shemen parking lot

About the project:

A credit-card parking lot that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serves all businesses close to the parking lot, such as: Optiglas, Electrical Warehouses, Led Lighting and others.

the project’s target:

Prior to the installed parking system, the work was done by a guard who collected a payment manually using a price list and not an hourly price that caused loss of income without the possibility of maximizing profits in the parking lot. The first goal of installing the system is to remove the employee from the parking lot and second thing to create a price list that rises to the parking lot because some of the guests would arrive an hour and some of them stay for the day among other workers of the owners of businesses in the vicinity and would pay the price of Peaks even if they parked an hour and even if all day long.
The third goal of the project is to offer a validation solution for businesses. When a customer arrives at a certain store in a non-parking area like in Tel Aviv, the shop prepares the customer for the parking lot. When he arrives at the parking lot, he takes a parking ticket and receives a 100% discount from the parking lot at no cost. The businesses around him who get discounts.

Technology, implementation and solution in the project: A mini system was installed. Version 3 is very simple. At minimal cost with a credit card system at the exit, the system is controlled remotely without working in place using cloud parking system software

Result and financial savings:
A complete and inexpensive solution provides a good solution for businesses in the parking lot environment. The system is remote controlled without the need for workers in the parking lot and the system works in the parking lot 24 hours a day.

Return on investment (ROI):
The return on our investment is estimated in 30 business days by removing the employee and the manager of the parking lot who was available for his business instead of also staying there.

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