Airport Car Rental

License Plate Identification System - Ben Gurion Airport Car Rental

About the project:

The car rental area at the airport, which provides car rides and car rental services for reuse in rentals. The vehicles that provide services in the car rental area are: Avis, Eldan, Shlomo SIXT, Albert, Hertz and others. Every day, vehicles pass through the car rental area in the area of ​​1500 to 2000 rental vehicles. The system requires everyone to jump and identify. Therefore, the identification system is required to supervise the vehicles entering and leaving the parking area and at the vehicle’s entrance.

The man who was operated in order to provide service was about 18 crew members, who wrote car numbers on paper records and then transferred the paper to the office and a secretary was sitting to transfer the papers to Excel.

“When they first entered the offices we saw the tables with piles of paper – we understood that we had to completely change the picture and save paper and human resources,” Dayan said.

the project’s target:

Characterization of management system, photography using license plates 100% of all vehicles coming in and out of the rinse area – since it is money by vehicle, setting up price lists and contact screens for employees on the “Caring screens according to the rental companies” system learns the vehicles that have been associated and do not need to be associated with them again.

Technology, implementation and solution in the project:

The project has installed two license plates, servers, management software and clients developed for the project, a smart algorithm that manages the cameras and knows how to cross-check data between the two cameras

In addition, the cameras automatically associate a color image of more than 3 megapixels with the vehicle identification image – so that you can go back in the photos and see if a particular vehicle has entered the washing machine in advance with any damage and thus show proof to the rental company about the vehicle taken.

Result and financial savings:

A decrease in the number of personnel from 18 staff members to 6 staff members, including: owners, branch manager, secretary and 3 employees who belong in shifts of 8 hours each.

Thanks to the full and fruitful cooperation with the new operator, the washing machine was replaced with a faster speed that allowed continuous work of about 80 vehicles to be washed. This ability, together with the identification system, significantly improved performance and increased revenues by more than 50% and an impressive growth rate.

Today, the worker is not required to make lengthy manual drawings, the worker handles more vehicles so that the number of vehicles per day increases from 500 vehicles per day to 1200 vehicles a day.

And as the number of vehicles will increase, the system of identification cameras is not affected by this and meets very difficult conditions such as: identification of traffic jams at the entrance to the rinse area, workers in the compound who hide the vehicle license plate, vehicles with invalid plates identified by the rear license plate and additional condition.

Return on investment (ROI):

The system installed in relation to the growth in the monthly compound profits is 60% due to the replacement of the washing machine and a significant decrease in manpower – the return of its investment is estimated within 35 business days and the rate of growth of vehicles increases from month to month.

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